Nestled in the centre of picturesque Kitzbühel , deep in the Tyrolean state of Austria, the Londoner has been a huge favorite of our winter and summer tourists and the local party animals for over 25 years. Started in 1976 by Rik Gunnell.

Lack of suitable watering holes prompted Rik to open the Londoner, Great English Pub, in december 1976. Since then, the Londoner has gone from strength to strength. It is legend to many famous drinkers, the winners and the losers of the ski and the tennis circuit rendez-vous here to serve (its amazing how many sport stars are wannabe barmen) and to be served vast quantaties of the delicious golden liquid, we call beer.

As the cliche goes, behind every strong man stands a stronger woman, the backbone of the Londoner - Edith. This fair Kitzbühlian maiden was swept of her feet by this strong minded englishman and moved to Marbella/Spain where within three years the two were married and baby Nina was born. Almost four years after that Nina was joined with a little sister Romy.

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Dedicated to providing and preserving the drinking tradition that has turned men into mice, staff into blithering idiots and contraception into too difficult to spell... since 1976

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